Environmental Programs

Om Group supports a full spectrum of environmental programs that include assistance with field audits/compliance to designing, building and deploying complete environmental management systems (EMS). Our core competencies include the following as a service or designing/deploying off-the-shelf IT solutions or custom built solutions using the latest leading edge technologies:

Clean Air Act
Clean Water Act
Endangered Species Act Comprehensive Environmental Responsibility
Compensation and Liability Act
National Historic Preservation Act
National Environmental Policy Act
Occupational Safety and Health Act
Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
Noise Control Act
Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act
International Standard for Organization 14001
Executive Orders involving the Environment, Occupational Safety, and Health

Our applications include environmental, safety and health assessments, compliance auditing tools, hazardous waste & disposal management, budgeting and inventory management, as well as remote/mobile applications.We are experienced in the implementation and application of environmental laws, statutes, and regulations, to include but not limited to:

Environmental Compliance Inspections and Reviews
Environmental Health and Occupational Safety
Hazardous Material Management and Disposal
Pollution Prevention and Waste Minimization Studies
Program Planning, Management and Budget Execution
Energy and Sustainability Assessments
Environmental Site Assessments, Impact, and Risk Analysis
Environmental Regulations, Permitting, and Policy Support
Environmental Databases and IT Systems and Support Functions
Installation Customer Support/Helpdesk
Classroom Training for End Users and Internal Staff
ISO 14001 EMS Program Support
Environmental Due Diligence Studies